Office of Student Life

Facility Planning and Design


Planning is focused on enhancing the student experience by ensuring the facilities available to them are in great condition.

In collaboration with Housing/Residence Life, Recreational Sports, Health and Wellness and The Ohio Union we plan for the maintenance and long-term enhancements of each department’s facilities. Units have dedicated annual funding used to create a capital plan with project priorities that range from mechanical repairs to interior enhancements to brand new facilities. 

Facility Planning and Design begins the process by meeting with each unit to determine their needs in the upcoming fiscal year. Their stated needs are then balanced with our assessment of their facility needs. Needs vary by department but, generally include building infrastructure improvements, interior enhancements, or changes to building functions to support programmatic changes.

Project planning is an essential part of our role in Student Life and all major projects must be completed during the summer term with few exceptions. FPD works with each unit to determine how best to schedule projects based on their needs as well as the needs of supporting groups like maintenance and environmental services.